A Better Way To Deliver Video

Create a seamless content experience powered by search that wows your customers without adding more to your business.

Creating video is a lot of work. It’s time you made the most of it.

Searchie is a better way to manage and deliver your content so that your team and customers get better results. You create… and let Searchie do the work.

Trusted by thousands of creators

Video hosting made easy

Tag and organize your videos to create a centralized library of your content so your audience and team can find exactly what they need.

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Connect and automate video uploads

Searchie easily integrates with multiple platforms so you can automate your video uploads from places like Facebook Live, Zoom, and more.

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Modern content delivery

Create a unique content experience using our suite of hosted solutions without ever writing code.

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Real-time customer insights

Get detailed analytics into your audience and their content consumption habits and behaviors all in one spot.

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Instant transcriptions

Captions and transcriptions are automatically created for every uploaded video.

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People are lovin’ Searchie

  • Akilah Thompkins TRIBE Connector

    I just had my first call with members since introducing Searchie and the feedback was great. Those who tried it love it, those who haven’t are now excited to try.

  • Laura Sullivan Credit Dusters

    When I was going through TRIBE I submitted a question to Stu about collecting payments from members. I had no idea he had answered my question! (because who can get through ALL the recordings, right?) Well today I looked up “credit repair” and there was my question, answered. I am loving this feature already!

  • Clare Le Roy The Little Design Corner

    “This is amazing. Thanks for providing this for us – this is a game changer”….the feedback from one of my students after getting Searchie up and running for them this morning. This tool is going to make such a difference for my students – thanks guys!

  • Ray Brehm raybrehm.com

    Simply incredible! I just took my entire course, indexed it and put a search widget inside or my users in only 30 minutes I didn’t need to read any instructions, it was all super intuitive. Absolute game changer!

  • Dave Gambrill gambrill.com

    I have a short course I use to help people use Kajabi and I just made a Bonus section where they can search all the sessions. It only took about 10 minutes to set up.

  • Val Frania Furniture Flipping

    Having Searchie makes me want to do more LIVES and videos. No longer will they just fade away. It maximizes our efforts.

  • Melanie Tvete melanietvete.com

    I wish I had this tool earlier… I was trying to find a way to create a searchable database of the topics on my weekly Q&A calls. Manually doing this is a major headache… This tool is amazing and totally a time saver!

  • Blue Melnick SAGE Events

    Searchie is awesome! We’ve been using it in our membership for the last two months, and it’s amazing!!

How Searchie works

Step 1

Add Media

Upload your video or audio content directly to Searchie or through one of our easy to use integrations.

Step 2


Organize your content so that your audience sees exactly what they are supposed to.

Step 3


Embed or share your content using our suite of video hosting tools: Widgets, Player, Playlists & Hubs.

Step 4


Track customer progress and get detailed insights into how they are consuming your content.

Unlock Your Video & Audio Content

Reduce content overwhelm for your customers and team, and make your media more accessible and easier to consume.

Video Hosting

The Searchie Player works just like the video players you know and use everyday… except there’s one big advantage: the ability to search inside your content.

Keyword Search

Search across your audio and video by keywords and find exactly what you’re looking for at an exact moment.

Transcriptions and Captions

Searchie automatically creates a transcript and captions as soon as a file is uploaded with 90%+ accuracy.

Simple Integrations

Integrate with platforms you’re already using like Zoom, Facebook, Zapier, and more. No coding required.


Allow anyone to access your content, lock it down to a domain, or restrict access to your team or a specific audience.


Detailed insights and analytics into who in your audience is consuming what content and how they are doing it.

See what people think about Searchie

Searchie is a GAME CHANGER for our digital courses and membership experience! With hours of available video content, this tool allows our students to get to exactly what they need with a simple keyword search, and takes them directly to the spot in the video that they’re looking for. It has allowed us to take our user experience to another level. We can’t imagine having a product now without Searchie!

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