May 14, 2021
Searchie Hacks: Create An Automated List Builder With Your Facebook Lives

Create an automated list with your Facebook Lives entirely using, you guessed it – Searchie.  Whoa there… hold up a second. What’s a list builder? It’s a way to build your email list for your business.  Think of your email list as the lifeblood of your business… and if you’re a coach, consultant, membership site owner, […]

6 Ways To Use Searchie That You’ve Never Thought Of Before

In our humble opinion, we tackle some pretty critical (and super effective) ways to use Searchie: Coaching calls, online courses, membership sites, podcasts, marketing videos, sales meetings, virtual classrooms… just to name a few. The thing is, there are hundreds of other unique ways to use Searchie, and package and deliver your audio and video […]

April 30, 2021
5 Reasons To Join The Searchie Business Plan

Searchie offers multiple plans to suit your needs, shop Basic, Pro or the primo Business Plan. Wherever you’re at in your business, we have a plan to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.  And while all are great and boast many benefits and features, we’re here to get […]

April 9, 2021
Searchie Hacks: Build an Automated Clubhouse Funnel With Searchie

Have you heard of Clubhouse?  It’s a new social network that is blowing up. Seriously! People are spending hours on end on this platform. But there’s a catch, it’s only available for iOS at the moment (Android users, hang in there!). That means Apple products – iPhones and iPads. This is an exclusive club, it’s […]

April 2, 2021
How To Use Searchie For Your Digital Course Or Membership Site

It’s no secret that many businesses are shifting part – or in some cases, all of their business –  to an online structure to keep with the times. Businesses in all sorts of markets are going digital. One that’s picking up steam with no ceiling in sight is the knowledge industry. People are creating online […]