Discover More About Your Audience And Your Content

Analytics and insights to better understand your audience and their viewing habits.

Valuable Insights You Can Use

Track Content Performance

Unlock valuable insights into who in your audience is consuming what content, and how they are doing it.

Track views, engagement, and search terms across your media files, Playlists, Widgets and Hubs.

  • Visits
  • Video Plays
  • Keyword Search Queries
  • Rating Scales
  • Audience Retention and Engagement
  • And much more!
Detailed Media Analytics

One Place For All Your Video Stats

Get detailed analytics into your audience and their audio and video consumption behaviors all in one spot.

  • Number of users that clicked, opened and watched media
  • Discover your most played videos
  • Identify your most popular media files
  • See the number of searches per day, and top keywords and search queries
Better Serve Your Audience

Create More of What They Actually Want

Creating audio and video content is a lot of work, but how do you know if spending all that time creating is worth your while?

Use this data to inform what you create for your digital course, membership, or online coaching program. Focus your time and effort on creating content that helps your customers make progress.

Understand Your Audience

Monitor Each Customer

Searchie Analytics allows you to better understand how your audience is engaging with your content, too. View their activity across media files, playlists and Hubs, such as videos watched, videos completed, search terms and more.