Built-in CRM to Manage Your Customers

Monitor user activity and manage access to specific content.

Privacy Controls

Control Who Sees Your Content

Searchie makes it easy to control who sees your content. Great for sharing free digital content or providing a paid program such as digital course, membership site, online coaching or internal communications.

Choose How to Serve Your Audience

Your Content. Your Way.

Create a tailored content experience for your 
audience with Searchie Hubs.

Private & Secure

Use password authentication or magic links to securely share your paid or private content.

Drip Your Content

Deliver your content based on a specific date or action. Ideal for an online course or membership site.

(Coming soon!)

Onboarding Made Easy

Allow your audience members to set-up their own login credentials to access a Searchie Hub.

Analytics & Insights That Matter

View User Activity & Stats For Your Content

You can see all the activity inside your content such as videos watched, videos completed, search terms and more.

Get access to visits, plays, audience retention, completion rate, and search queries. Use this information to create more of what your audience actually wants.