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Scale Your Coaching Business With Video

Optimize your coaching business and create the ultimate experience for your clients and customers.

Connect Searchie to Zoom

Easily Manage and Store Recordings for Each Client

Instantly increase the value of your coaching program by creating a centralized video library or playlist for each client.

In addition to sharing individual call recordings, integrate Searchie with one of our many partners, like Zoom Pro or Facebook Live, and create a dynamic playlist for your clients. Your video recordings are instantly added to the appropriate playlist after each call.

If you create ongoing video content like Q&As, meetings or online training, Searchie is the ideal solution for you.


Automate Time-consuming Administrative Tasks

Save time and resources by eliminating meeting minutes and call summaries, and instead allow your clients to search through your video call recordings for specific keywords and information.

And make your coaching program more accessible for your clients.

  • Automatic transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable audio files

You coach… and let Searchie do the work for you.

Make a Good Impression and Get Better Results

Level Up Your Coaching Program

Offer a higher level of service and more value to your coaching program without adding more time and resources to your business.

Hosted or Embeddable
Audio & Video

Search Through Call 
Recordings By Keyword

Private & Secure

Add Attachments

& Branding

Detailed Analytics

Audio & Text

Auto-generated Transcriptions & Captions

Meet Searchie

The World’s First Search Engine for Your Coaching Program

Dramatically improve your coaching program with the ability to search inside your video and audio content.

Whether you’re meeting with the same client(s) on a consistent basis or hosting weekly group calls, the amount of video you create adds up fast.

Searchie eliminates the overwhelm and frustration from sorting and watching hours of video recordings. Have a piece of mind that your clients can focus and listen during a call, knowing that they can rewatch and search through the recording afterwards.

Searchie Chrome Extension

Quickly Send Video Messages or Training Videos

Use the Searchie Chrome Extension to capture your screen or record with your webcam, and share a video message with your client(s) in just a couple of clicks. Great for sending updates, providing feedback or training.

Take all the time you need with no limits on your recording!

Analytics & Insights

Build Deeper Client Relationships and Grow Your Coaching Business

Get detailed analytics and metrics for your coaching program, including visits, plays, audience retention, rating scales, search keywords and more. Get insights into your clients’ behaviors and learn how they consume your video content.

By seeing what your clients search for, you can better understand their problems and provide solutions that help them make progress and get results.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear From Coaches And Consultants

  • Donna Schwartz Donna Schwartz Music

    Having the ability to search a particular term or concept for my students has been a game changer for them. They’ve been able to find the most important points from their lessons easily, which helps them save time and make faster progress.

  • Sarah Boxx Sarah Boxx Coaching & Consulting

    Ease, value to clients, value to business.

  • Jason Seib The Self-Care initiative

    I do most of my coaching through video and Searchie gives my members the ability to search those videos in ways that were never possible before. For the first time, I’m talking to a camera AND adding to my searchable database. Nothing I say is ever lost to the ether anymore.

  • Sandi Amorim The Created Life Academy

    I’ve used Searchie to replace my video hosting as well as transcription service. With the new Searchie Hubs, I’m even more excited to launch my new membership!

  • Katrina Oakley Confident Fitness 4 Moms

    I love that I can direct my members to workouts that are appropriate for there level of fitness and postpartum recovery by them simply taking a quick assessment. My users love the look of the site and how easy it is to quickly search for whatever type of workout they are interested in doing

  • Colleen Kessler

    Searchie serves my coaching clients amazingly. After a live call with a client, I upload the recording where it generates a searchable replay, downloadable transcript, and MP3 they can use to refer back to the suggestions I’ve made, and the breakthroughs we’ve had related to how they can better meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of their quirky, creative, and outside-the-box kiddos.

  • Donald Wickham Donald Wickham Consulting

    I use zoom with my coaching clients and send them a link to the videos. One added benefit that they are finding helpful is I also send them the transcript that Searchie does for me. This enables us to just have our conversation, and they don’t have to focus so much on taking notes.

  • Jacqueline Steudler JST Art and Therapy Inc – Healing For Grieving Hearts

    I love the ease of how I can create playlists for my 1:1 clients, adding their recordings in no time so that they have everything to search through in one convenient location. Setting up the HUB for my membership was easy.