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Searchie + Content Delivery, The Ultimate Combination

Create a tailored course or membership experience, and save a ton of time and resources for your business.

Introducing Searchie Hubs

Create Your Course or Membership in 3 Simple Steps


Upload Video Content

Upload video files directly or integrate with one of Searchie’s many partners, and create a centralized library of all your video content.


Design Your Searchie Hub

Upload your logo, customize the colors and fonts, and then use our drag-and-drop feature to build out your digital course or membership, and deliver a customized content experience the easy way.


Deliver Your Course or Membership

Invite your customers to a secure and private members area and start sharing your content.

Some of Searchie’s Integrations

When you create and/or publish video content on platforms like Facebook, Zoom and the Searchie Chrome Extension, it’s automatically pulled into your Searchie library.

Super Fast & Intuitive

A New Way to Deliver Your Digital Course & Membership

Create the ultimate content experience in minutes.

Customization & Branding

Private & Secure Members Area

Add Attachments (PDF, TXT)

Search Video Content By Keyword

Auto-generated Transcriptions & Captions

Hosted or Embeddable Audio & Video

Detailed Analytics

Audio & Text Downloads


Integrate With Other Platforms to Automate Workflows and Save Time and Resources

Connect Searchie to third-party platforms like Facebook or Zoom Pro, and automatically add video content to your course or membership.

And by the way, Searchie integrates with thousands of other platforms through Zapier.


Automatic Transcriptions and Captions Increase Consumption

People consume content in different ways. Searchie makes it easy to help your customers consume your content and make more progress without adding extra work to your busy schedule.

Searchie is like having a team of assistants transcribing and organizing all your video and audio content so that it’s easier for you (and your audience) to actually use.

  • Automatic transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable audio files

Make your course or membership content more accessible and easier to consume.

Meet Searchie

The World’s First Search Engine for Your Course or Membership

Dramatically improve the learning experience for your students and members with the power to search inside your audio and video content, and solve a BIG problem for course creators and membership site owners.

Searchie eliminates overwhelm, and instead, instantly adds value to course or membership, helping your customers to make more progress easier and faster.

By the way, if you’re using another course or membership platform, it’s super easy to connect Searchie and make your video content searchable.

Customer Support

Improve Customer Support With Less Resources

Connect Searchie to your support video database, and save time by reducing the number of questions you get. Instead of answering the same questions over and over, your students and members can search through your video library and get their questions answered in seconds.


Track and Analyze Your Content and Customer Activity

Get detailed analytics and metrics for your course or membership content, including visits, video plays, audience retention, rating scales, search keywords and more. Get insights into your audience behaviors and learn how they consume your content.

Use this information to inform what content you create. Bottom line, create more of what they want and less of what they don’t.


Protect and Secure Your 
Paid Content

Allow anyone to access your course or membership content, protect it with a password, or restrict access to your team or a specific audience.

Use our password authentication or magic links to securely share your paid or private content.

Searchie makes securing and sharing your paid content easy.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

What Course Creators & Membership Owners Are Saying

  • Rebekkah Finnigan Energy in Motion

    I LOVE Searchie because it helps my members stay out of overwhelm by having all their content and membership information all in one place. They love having their own platform and a go-to place that they know has everything they need.

  • Bridgette Simmonds InspHIGHER, Bridgette the Go Coach

    I love Searchie because it’s revolutionary and adds tons of value to my growing memberships. The ability to search on-demand any topic as I have added – and continue to add – hours of content saves me and my team time answering questions they can find themselves! Love love it. Plus the support and people at Searchie are top notch too. Love working with Searchie!

  • Phil Johncock Phil Johncock Network

    I love the new Searchie Hubs feature. I started using Searchie Hubs immediately for a client’s online audio courses and several of my own masterclasses online. I am excited to use Searchie Hubs as part of the instructional design for future online courses.

  • Jason Boehning CLICK2BIM

    I have created hundreds of videos and I plan to create hundreds more. Searchie allows my customers to search through individual videos or all the videos to find exactly what they are looking for. I don’t think there is anything else out there like it!

  • Pilar Reyes Facilingua

    Searchie has transformed how I once felt about the daunting idea of creating a membership site. I wanted something different from the traditional setup, and I have produced a compelling Hub which makes easier for my students to find and consume the content. My workflow is smoother and I feel very proud of sharing my business ideas.

  • XayLi Barclay XayLi Barclay of the Start Shoot Grow Video Academy

    I use video content as the main type of content in my business and because I create a lot, using Searchie makes it a breeze for my team to repurpose content for social media! I also use it as a bonus for my membership and mastermind members! We host my youtube videos, course content, livestreams, podcast

  • Todd Malcolm No Limits Triathlon Coaching

    I am switching my membership over to be hosted on searchie. It is quick, easy, smart and beautiful.

  • Angela James Angela James LLC

    I love that I can house all of my content for my membership in a Hub and make it easy for my members to find, access and browse. I also love that I’ll be able to specify the levels of access to give them focus and prevent overwhelm. Last, I don’t think anyone should ever underestimate the importance of using captions in their videos and making their work accessible!

  • Genia Stephen Good Things In Life

    My new Searchie Membership Hub allowed me to revamp my platform to offer much more ease and personalization for my members. Perhaps more importantly, it saves me many hours every month in maintaining my membership site. My members are happier and I am happier.

  • Lisa Marie Holley Inspired By Lisa Marie

    Searchie was able to help me gain the momentum I needed in my membership journey. As a creative minded entrepreneur I hit a technology wall in building my membership. I wanted a way that was simple and classy to display art lessons/content to my members. In about a month I was finally able to visualize and build a custom hub through Searchie that gave me confidence to see what was possible.

  • Brianna Shade BIG tiny World Travel

    I love how simple and easy it is to use. I can easily throw together a professional-looking site for my course that just *works*. I especially love the audience tags, and I can’t wait to customize the experience as I bring in new members.