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Create lessons and teach your knowledge and expertise with video.

Integrate, Organize & Manage

A Centralized Library for All Your Educational Videos

Upload video files directly or pair Searchie with one of our many partners, and create a centralized library of all your educational video content.

Host, embed or share your educational video anywhere!

Searchie Chrome Extension

Create Lessons With Screen Recording and Video Capturing

Capture your screen or record with your webcam, and share your educational videos with just a couple of clicks.

Take all the time you need with no limits on your recording!

  • Lessons
  • Instructional videos
  • Presentations

Create a more engaging learning experience with video.

Meet Searchie Hubs

Easily Set-up Your Digital Classroom and Teach Online


Upload Content

Add media to your Searchie library by uploading pre-recorded video content, or connect it to different media sources like Vimeo, Facebook or Zoom Pro. When you create and publish video content on these platforms, it’s automatically pulled into your Searchie library.


Design Your Searchie Hub

Use the drag-and-drop feature to build out an online hub for all your video and audio lessons.


Start Teaching

Invite your students to a secure and private online area to watch and listen to your lessons.

Happier Students, Better Results

A More Engaging Way to Teach Online

Create the ultimate digital learning experience in minutes.

Hosted or Embeddable Audio & Video Lessons

Audio & Text Downloads

Search Through Audio & Vdeo Lessons by Keywords

Add Attachments (PDF, TXT, Etc.)

Auto-generated Transcriptions & Captions

Private & Secure

Detailed Analytics

Customizable Content

Automations Make Teaching Easy

Teach in Different Formats Without the Extra Work

Your students learn in different ways.

Searchie makes it easy for students to consume your content and make more progress without adding extra work to your busy schedule.

Searchie is like having a team of assistants transcribing and organizing all your video and audio lessons so that it’s easier for you (and your students) to actually use.

  • Automatic transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable audio files (for video)

Make your educational content more accessible and easier to consume.

Introducing Searchie

Meet the World’s First Search Engine for Your Classroom

Dramatically improve the learning experience for your students with the power to search inside your audio and video lessons.

Instead of answering the same questions over and over again, empower your students to find the answers on their own. It’s like having a searchable encyclopedia for your curriculum.

Searchie eliminates overwhelm and instantly adds value to your classroom, helping your students to make more progress easier and faster.

Privacy & Security

Protect and Secure Your Educational Content

Allow anyone to access your content, lock it down to a domain, or restrict access to your class or individual students.

Use our password authentication or magic links to securely share your class curriculum with your students.

Searchie makes securing and sharing your educational content easy.

Analytics & Insights

Track and Analyze Your Students’ Progress

Get detailed analytics and metrics for your educational content, including visits, video plays, rating scales, search keywords and more. Get insights into your student’s behaviors, find out where they’re getting stuck, learn how they consume your lessons, and see if they’re doing their homework.

Use this information to help you decide on future lessons and find areas where students need more support.

Don’t just take our word for it

What Other Educators Think

  • Jen P Higgins Unbox University

    I love how easy Searchie is to update! Sync and done! One Facebook Live video automatically gets transcribed and put in a playlist for members to access in the Hub. It’s a game-changer!

  • Colleen Kessler

    After a live call with a client, I upload the recording where it generates a searchable replay, downloadable transcript, and MP3 they can use to refer back to the suggestions I’ve made, and the breakthroughs we’ve had related to how they can better meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of their quirky, creative, and outside-the-box kiddos.

  • Tina Hoss Happy Hour Quilting

    I like the ability to have a searchable transcript but, the ability to search a video by keyword is the best feature ever! Gives students the ability to use the content in the way that works best for THEM!

  • Mary-Claire Fredette Center for Barefoot Massage

    Searchie is brilliant for our members to find what they need, whether it be YouTube videos, class reviews (we teach in-person barefoot massage), anatomy reviews, interviews, social media marketing or other skills. The transcription feature is a breeze, & Searchie learns (anatomy terms can be pretty amusing!) fast.

  • Tara Hunkin My Child Will Thrive

    Overwhelm is a huge problem for the parents of children with autism, ADHD, SPD and other neurodevelopmental challenges. Until Searchie, we struggled to find a way to provide all the information parents need without adding to that overwhelm. Now we can provide all the information and resources and they can easily search and find exactly what they need when they need it most.

  • Megan Lifto Comfort Care Expert, LLC

    Searchie is the platform I desperately needed to FINALLY launch my online education business!!! Nurses will be amazed by the ease & speed of searching keywords! An instant list of videos at the EXACT moments of their keywords spoken! Automatic transcripts & captions! A beautiful space to organize my videos! Searchie will be improving the lives of MANY patients!!!