Marketing & Sales

Improve Your Sales and Marketing Process with Video

Optimize your sales and marketing campaigns and create the ultimate experience for your audience.

Organize & Integrate

Video Hosting and Management Made Easy

Upload video files directly or integrate with one of Searchie’s many partners, and create a centralized library of all your sales and marketing videos.

Host or embed your video on your website, blog, social media, intranet, anywhere!

Searchie dramatically improves the viewing experience with automatic and downloadable transcriptions and captions right from the media player. And your audience can search through your video content by keyword!

Searchie Chrome Extension

Simple Screen Recording and Video Capturing

Capture your screen or record with your webcam, and share your sales or marketing videos with just a couple of clicks.

Take all the time you need with no limits on your recording!

  • Sales and marketing videos
  • Updates, follow-ups and provide feedback
  • Product demos

Break through the noise and get attention with video.

Get Noticed and Make a Lasting Impression

Optimize Your Sales & Marketing Videos

Save time and boost consumption of your video content.

Hosted or Embeddable
Audio & Video

Search Inside Video
By Keyword

Private & Secure

Add Attachments
(PDF, TXT, Etc.)

& Branding

Detailed Analytics

Audio & Text

Transcriptions & Captions


Great for Remote Sales and Marketing Teams

In addition to sharing individual links and call recordings, integrate Searchie with one of our many partners, like Zoom Pro, and automatically organize and manage your call recordings with dynamic playlists.

Share a URL to the playlist or embed it on your site, and video recordings are instantly added to the appropriate playlist after each call.

Searchie is ideal for remote teams hosting virtual meetings, summits or online training events.

Meet Searchie

Stop Taking Notes and Start Paying Attention

Ever in a team meeting or a sales call and were so worried about taking notes that you missed something important?

It’s time to say goodbye to meeting minutes and call summaries. Searchie eliminates the need for excessive note taking because you can go back and search inside the recording by keyword or read the transcription.

Instantly add value to your sales and marketing videos, eliminate overwhelm and dramatically improve efficiencies for you, your team and your customers with the power of search. Searchie is the world’s first search engine for your video content!

Analytics & Insights

Uplevel Your Marketing, Prospecting and Sales Funnels With Video

Detailed Metrics

Get detailed analytics and metrics for your marketing and sales videos, including visits, plays, audience retention, rating scales, search keywords and more. Get insights into your audience’s behaviors and learn how they consume your video content.

Turn Viewers into Customers

See exactly what your prospects are viewing, how much they’re watching, what they’re searching for inside the video, and more. Use this information to tailor the message for each prospect.

Search Your Conversations

Increase Visibility Across Your Organization Throughout the Sales Process

Strapped for time? Can’t get on every call? How do you stay up to speed with everything that’s going on in the business?

Instead of sifting through pages of call summaries, automatic transcriptions and searchable call recordings makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop. Search video for keywords like your name or cost, and get information relevant to you in seconds.

Don’t just take our word for it

What Other Sales & Marketing Professionals Think

  • Susan McVea Susan McVea Consulting Inc.

    I love Searchie for so many areas of my business. We have been able to use it to repurpose content easily to keep marketing to potential clients. My team can find specific sound bites to create posts and memes to share on social media. I’ve added Searchie as a bonus to all my paid programs to help clients not get overwhelmed with content and instead find the specific answers they need.

  • Sharyn Yuloff Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions

    I love the Searchie Chrome extension so that I can more easily transcribe ours and our client’s videos.

  • Michelle Sandler Shell Creative

    I love how easy it is to use.The tools – like the Chrome extension, make creating content a thing that is DONE! The staff is phenomenal. They’re so helpful and responsive. It’s by far the best product I’ve found in a long time… and I’ve been working with a lot!

  • Samantha Johnston Neapolitan Creative

    We’re using Searchie in our service-based business (we build memberships & websites) to help educate our clients. We build hubs for each retainer client and include videos on how to navigate their site and other tech that we set up. We also use it as an internal training resource for our team.