Automatically Backup New Searchie Uploads To Your Dropbox Account

EST. TIME: 5 minutes
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The Goal

We’ll show you how you can save an ample amount of time with our Dropbox and Searchie integration via Zapier.

You can set it up to upload a file to your Dropbox account anytime you process a new file on Searchie. This serves as a super easy backup method and cuts out a couple steps from the process.

The Benefits

Every minute counts for you and your team when it comes to running your business. So, when a solid chunk of your time goes into tedious, time-consuming tasks like backing your media up, the unnecessary costs can start to add up. The bright side is that repetitive and labour-intensive tasks can very easily be automated through the use of Searchie and Zapier! You only have to set it up once and watch the apps go to work.

Connecting Searchie to Dropbox via Zapier will save your entire team time by automating several manual steps and cutting out a handful of steps from the process.

STEP 1: Get Our Free Zap Template, Connect Your Accounts, and Configure the Settings

Get our Free Zap Template built to automate your Searchie → Dropbox backup process. If you don’t already have a Zapier account, you’ll need to make one to use this automation. No worries, Zapier is FREE to use.

Next, Zapier will ask you to connect your Searchie and Dropbox accounts. To do that, just click the app when prompted and proceed to log in.

Once you connect the apps, it will ask you to select what folder in your Dropbox account you would like to save the backup file to. We recommend clicking “Go To Advanced Mode” to properly set up this Zap. Most of the settings are preset, but you will have to make a couple of minor changes to make sure the zap works right for your case.

In the Advanced Settings, you can select a specific folder in your Searchie account. This forces the Zap to only activate the automation when a file is uploaded to a specific folder inside of Searchie.

The Dropbox settings require a little more set up…

FOLDER: You can select a specific folder in your Dropbox account to backup your files in.

FILE: This setting is preset, but make sure it is set to the ‘Download URL’ field so your file contents can properly be transferred (see screenshot below).

OVERWRITE: We have Overwrite set to ‘No’, but if you wish to overwrite duplicate files, you can set it to ‘Yes’

SPECIFY FILE NAME: Leaving this set to ‘Title’ will import the file name as the title.

SPECIFY FILE EXTENSION: This setting is not required, but if you are uploading video files (.mp4), we recommend setting the specific file extension to ‘.mp4’ .

Once you have the settings in place, Zapier will prompt you to test the Zap with an existing video in Searchie before activating it.

STEP 2: Turn On Your Zap…& Do No More!

Now that your Zap is set up correctly, you’re ready to start doing nothing! Zapier will take this process off the minds of you and your team members as long as the Zap is turned on. Now, every time you process a new file on Searchie, it will automatically upload it into a specific folder in your Dropbox account. Backing up your files has never been more effortless!

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