Automatically Upload A New File To Searchie When A File Is Added To Dropbox

EST. TIME: 5 Minutes
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Apps Used:

The Goal

We’ll show you how you can save an ample amount of time with our Dropbox and Searchie integration via Zapier.

You can set up a Zap to upload and process a file in your Searchie account anytime you add a new file to a folder in Dropbox. Now you don’t have to waste time uploading your media to multiple platforms. Once a file added to a specific folder in your Dropbox account, Zapier will pass it on to the designated service, which in this case is Searchie.

The Benefits

Floating around from platform to platform just to upload the same media files can be extremely time-consuming and costly for you and your team. Thanks to Zapier, small tasks like that one can be completely automated with their ability to connect over 2000 different apps and services. Connecting your Searchie account to Dropbox not only acts as an easy backup method (which we discussed in our previous playbook here), but the integration can also upload and process your media on Searchie automatically, once a file is added to a specified folder in Dropbox.

Automating repetitive and labour-intensive tasks using Searchie and Zapier saves your team a ton of time, letting you set things up once and watch the apps go to work!

STEP 1: Get Our Free Zap Template, Connect Your Accounts, and Configure the Settings

Get our Free Zap Template built to automate your Dropbox → Searchie multi-platform upload process. If you don’t already have a Zapier account, you’ll need to make one to use this automation. No worries, Zapier is FREE to use.

Next, Zapier will ask you to connect Dropbox account. If you don’t have one connected it will prompt you to login and connect.

Once your account is connected, it will ask you to configure your Dropbox settings. It’ll ask you for the specific folder in your Dropbox account and whether you want to include file contents or not.

FOLDER: Your preferred Dropbox folder.

INCLUDE FILE CONTENTS:No’ (Since Searchie relies on pulling the file through the URL, file contents do not need to be included. Including file contents for uploads larger than 100MB may cause errors so make sure it’s set to ‘No’)

After your Dropbox settings are configured, test your trigger and you’ll be ready for the next step.

Now time to set up your Searchie account settings. Just like before, it’ll first ask you to log in and connect your Searchie account.

The next step is to configure your Searchie settings.

FOLDER: Select your desired folder on Searchie that you want your files uploaded to.

URL: Preset to ‘Direct Media Link‘.

TITLE: Preset to ‘File Name‘. (optional)

DESCRIPTION: You can insert your own description if you want to. (optional)

AUTO PROCESS: Preset to ‘TRUE‘. If you set auto process to ‘FALSE‘, your files will still be automatically uploaded to Searchie, but you will have to go in your account and manually process them.

Once you have the settings in place, Zapier will prompt you to send a test file from Dropbox to Searchie with an existing video before activating the zap.

STEP 2: Turn On Your Zap…& Do No More!

Now that your Zap is set up correctly, you’re ready to start doing nothing! Zapier will take this process off the minds of you and your team members as long as the Zap is turned on. Now, every time you upload a new file to a specific folder in your Dropbox, it will automatically upload and process that file in your Searchie account. Uploading your media to multiple platforms has never been more effortless!

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