How To Use Searchie Transcripts Like A Pro

EST. TIME: 10 minutes
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Apps Used:

  • Searchie

The Goal

In this training, you’ll learn how to effectively use the Searchie Transcript Editor to save you time and money. You will also learn to increase the accuracy of your transcripts with our brand new product features and access our new ‘white-glove’ service to get up to 99% accuracy on your transcripts.

The Benefits

As a Searchie user, you’re probably already leveraging our automated transcriptions. We recently added new features to help improve accuracy AND paired our speech engine with tens of thousands of hours of human-transcribed content across several different industries, topics, and accents. As a result, you will see significant improvements to your automated transcripts.

STEP 1: Leverage Transcript Editor For Making Changes And Edits To Your Transcripts.

Searchie allows the user to edit transcripts in case there are any mistakes or if any changes need to be made. It has many features that are easy to use and we will show you exactly how. You’re able to play the video back, view the transcript as well as any “low-confidence words” that Searchie picks up, download Text or SRT File of your transcription, use forward and back buttons, adjust video speed and MORE!

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the Transcript Editor, take a look at the article here.

STEP 2: Custom Vocabulary

* Make sure this is set before uploading ANY videos *

You can tell Searchie more information about how to process speech in our system by creating a custom vocabulary. Every time a new file is transcribed, it will pull this list of words into account and allow Searchie to become more familiar with them. This tool is especially useful for unrecognizable words or more uncommonly used words, as Searchie might interpret you said the more popular word that sounds like the word you actually said.

Access the custom vocabulary by navigating to your Profile Settings and selecting “Transcriptions”.

Examples: Adding the word ‘Cerci’ to the list will replace the word ‘Searchie’ whenever this is said in a video. Similarly, adding the name ‘Elise’ will help distinguish it between ‘At least’. It can also help Searchie identify domain-specific language if the terms you’ve said aren’t being properly transcribed/printed out for you.

Follow the steps here to start using this feature in our platform.

STEP 3: White Glove

If you want to get the most accuracy out of your transcripts, sign up for our white-glove beta service here.

If you missed our live Searchie Hacks training on how to use these features, you can catch the replay here.

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