Kajabi + Searchie

EST. TIME: 10 Minutes
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Apps Used:

  • Searchie
  • Kajabi

The Goal

First, we’ll teach you how to integrate Searchie inside your Kajabi account. Then we will show you how to embed Searchie on your pages and products. Last, you’ll learn to track your customers with audiences and analytics

The Benefits

 In this Searchie Hack, we’ll cover everything about Kajabi and show you some real examples of how to leverage Searchie with Kajabi. Save time and money with this simple pairing. This Hack will work with any Searchie or Kajabi plan, but more can be done with higher level plans.

STEP 1: Integrate Searchie In Your Kajabi Account

Searchie implements an SDK (Software Developer Kit) that is installed on your site in order to pass information between Searchie and other accounts, and this needs to be installed on your Kajabi site first.

Follow these simple steps to get this set up…

  1. Log in to your Searchie account and go to your ‘Settings’ page.
  2. Select ‘Install’ on the menu on the left-hand side of the settings page.
  3. Find ‘Code Snippet’ and copy the HTML code by clicking the ‘copy’ icon.
  4. Log into your Kajabi account and open your ‘Settings’ page on the left-hand side of the Dashboard.
  5. Select ‘Site Details’ under the Site Settings menu, scroll down until you see ‘Page Scripts’, and paste that code snippet from Step 3 in the box. Click ‘Save’ to lock those settings in place.

Need some more help with your SDK settings? Check out our support article here.

STEP 2: Embed Searchie Player, Playlists And Widgets On Your Pages And Products

You’ll need to start by creating a customized Searchie Widget. If you don’t know how, follow our simple guide here.

Once your widget is created, you’ll need to embed it on your Kajabi site page…

  1. In the page editor on Kajabi, click ‘Add Section”, scroll down click ‘Custom Code’, then add that section to your page.
  2. You can expand the Custom Code to 12 columns to make it full-width, then just drop the embed code for your Searchie widget in the ‘Custom Code’ section on Kajabi. We suggest that you use the i-frame full screen widget rather than the pop-out widget on your page; we will use the pop-out widget on your product page.
  3. Save the page.

You can follow the same steps above to insert the Searchie Player or Playlist on your site page as well, the only difference is you insert the embed code for the Video Player/Playlist instead of the Widget.

To insert a Player/Widget/Playlist on your blog post in Kajabi, follow the steps below…

  1. Go to the Blog section in your Kajabi account.
  2. Click ‘New Blog Post’ and create a new post.
  3. In the top left corner of the Content section, click ‘Source Code’, and paste the embed code for the Player/Widget/Playlist you want to display.

Next, we’ll show you how to insert your search widget on your product page on Kajabi…

  1. Create your pop-out widget on Searchie and customize it to only cover the material you need covered.
  2. The pop-out widget will give you 2 different pieces of code. Copy the first code (<HEAD>).
  3. In Kajabi, go to your product and select customize. That will take you to the “theme” page if youre using the Premier theme, and select ‘customize’ again in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click ‘Welcome Body’ on the menu to the left, then ‘Add Content’ and select ‘Code’. Paste the code from step 2 in this section. You won’t see anything until you complete the steps with the second code.
  5. Go back to Searchie and copy the second code that says “Add this code where you want your button”.

    <a href=”javascript:window._searchie.toggle()” class=”btn btn-cta btn–block btn–solid btn–med” style=”display: inline-block; background: #EEEEEE !important; border-color: #EEEEEE !important; color: #000000 !important;”>SEARCH</a>
  6. Now go back to Kajabi and enter the second code in the same code section, right under the first code you entered. Click save and your “Click here” button will appear.

If you want to integrate a player, it will be the exact same process, just insert the Player code instead.

STEP 3: Track Your Customers With Audiences And Analytics (Advanced)

This is a more advanced step, and only works with Pro plan.

  1. Go to your Searchie account and click on the ‘Audiences’ tab.
  2. Click ‘install’ at the top of the page, and scroll down to the ‘Passing User Information’ section.
  3. Copy the Kajabi specific code below and make note team: ‘XXXX’ needs to be copied from your install settings page
    {% if current_site_user %}
     <script type="text/javascript">
     window.Searchie = {
      team: 'XXXXXX',
     user: {
        email: "{{ current_site_user.email }}",
        name: "{{ current_site_user.name }}",
    <script src="https://cdn.searchie.io/js/client.js"></script>
    {% else %}
    <script src="https://cdn.searchie.io/js/client.js"></script>
    {% endif %}
  4. Go to your product in Kajabi and select customize. Inside the theme customization tab, select ‘Edit Code’.
  5. Click ‘theme.liquid’ under the Layouts section, and paste the code from step 3 anywhere between the head (We pasted it below the ‘content_for_header’ section). This checks to see if the user is logged in or not, and if they are, it’ll pass he information to Searchie (email address, name, etc). Essentially, it’ll show who is searching for what, and give you a better scope over analytics.
  6. Click save and you’re all set.

The live training replay for Searchie Hacks: Kajabi goes way more in depth on this playbook and will be super helpful for those of you that like to see it done or want a more hands-on tutorial. You can watch the replay HERE.

If you need any additional help, here are some support articles that might come in handy.

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