Post New Searchie Uploads To Your Facebook Group/Page Automatically

EST. TIME: 5 minutes
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The Goal

In this playbook, you will learn how to automatically create a post in your desired Facebook page/group every time you process a new file within a specified folder in Searchie. This automation will make sharing your media to different platform literally effortless.

The Benefits

Once you upload and process a new file on Searchie, the next step is to get that content in front of your audience. This requires you to post it across different platforms- giving it exposure. Thanks to Zapier, time-consuming and costly repetitive tasks like this one can be completely automated.

Facebook boasts one of the largest audience networks in the world and is a major source of traffic for all content creators. Facebook’s vast audience is split into many different niches and channels within the app and posting your content to all the different groups and pages you’re a part of can take hours. With this automation, every time you upload a new file to a folder in Searchie, it will automatically create a post linking to that content in a page or group of your choice. This will save you and your team tons of time, therefore reducing costs!

STEP 1: Get Our Free Zap Template, Connect Your Accounts, and Configure the Settings

First, you will need to import our Zap Templates to your Zapier account. We have a Zap Template that automatically posts your new Searchie uploads on your Facebook Page or Group respectively. The settings and steps for both of these zaps are essentially the same, the only difference being a page or a group. The Zap Templates are available below:

Post New Searchie Uploads To A Facebook Group
Post New Searchie Uploads To A Facebook Page

It will ask you to login to your Zapier account; if you don’t already have one, it is free to sign up and use.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to connect your Searchie and Facebook accounts to Zapier. Log in to those individually when prompted. When you connect your Facebook account it will also ask you to select the specific group or page associated with that account.

Now that your accounts are properly connected, we recommend clicking ‘Go To Advanced Mode’ at the bottom to make sure your settings are properly configured.

Select your desired Searchie folder that you want to pull media from and click ‘Continue’, it will then ask you to test the trigger before moving onto the next step.

Next, you will need to make sure your Facebook settings are set appropriately. We already have them preset but you can edit them to fit your needs.

The event should be ‘Post Message’. That will post a personalized message with a link to your video on the Searchie player. So if you release new content for a group or page frequently, this is a great way to keep your audience updated. Sending them to the Searchie player gives your audience the advantage of using Searchie’s powerful features like searchable/downloadable transcriptions and more.

It will now ask you to customize your message. Make sure the correct group/page is selected. Click the text box under ‘Message’ to customize the message that you want to post containing the link to your video, which will be preset to the Watch URL link (click show all options to select this if its not already inserted). For ‘Link URL’, Watch URL is pre-selected again.

Zapier will ask you to test this zap before turning it on. You can skip the test but it’s recommended to test it to make sure everything runs smoothly.

STEP 2: Turn On Your Zap…& Do No More!

Now that your Zap is set up correctly, you’re ready to start doing nothing! Zapier will take this process off the minds of you and your team members as long as the Zap is turned on. Now, every time you upload and process a new file to your Searchie account, it will automatically create a post containing a link to your media on the Searchie player to your desired Facebook Group or Page.

Keeping your audience updated on multiple channels and platforms doesn’t need to be time consuming or costly. Set this automation up one time for each group/page and let Zapier do the rest from here on out!

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