Searchie-fy Your Screen Recordings

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What Is It?

If you are a content creator and interact with your audience and/or team members online, especially by implementing Searchie, the Searchie Chrome Extension is definitely something to take advantage of. The Searchie Chrome Extension is a super fast and easy way to capture high quality screen recordings, webcam recordings and microphone recordings on your computer. Once you’re done recording, it will automatically upload and process your recording to your Searchie account.

The Benefits

With the Searchie Chrome Extension, you can now share your message with just a couple of clicks, and make it easy to find what you’re looking for inside the video using the power of Searchie.

It’s being used to:

  • Share information and screen recordings with employees and co-workers
  • Document onboarding, processes and workflow
  • Solve customer support questions and issues
  • Provide a personal touch to customer interactions
  • Create demos and showcase new features on an app or software to customers or investors
  • Collaborate on web design and graphic design projects
  • Leverage screen recordings in promotional campaigns like email marketing or on landing pages
  • Identify and report bugs, review code and troubleshoot issues with engineers and development teams
  • and MORE!

Who Is the Searchie Chrome Extension for?

Searchie is used by thousands of membership site owners, course creators, engineers, developers, podcasters, marketers, web designers, graphic designers, and ALL types of Content Creators!

If you create content, especially using screen capturing softwares, then the Searchie Chrome Extension is for you. You can download it here.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Searchie Chrome Extension is FREE for all Searchie users! The amount of video you can create and share depends on your plan.


It’s SUPER easy to set up, and even easier to use. You can visit to download the Searchie Chrome Extension or click the link below:

Download the Searchie Chrome Extension

Once you add the Searchie extension to Google Chrome, you can record and share anything on your screen with just a couple of clicks – even if it’s outside of your web browser, including your full desktop or a specific tab. You must have a Searchie account in order to log into the Searchie Chrome extension


All you have to do now is hit record and let the Searchie do the rest!

The recordings you create that are uploaded through your extension are all sent to the Searchie account you’ve created and logged into while on the extension. Videos that are recorded through the extension will receive the same treatment as if a regular file was uploaded into Searchie and will be transcribed if you had microphone or tab audio enabled. You’re able to search inside your newly recorded content almost immediately after its recording!

If you need further assistance with downloading the Searchie Chrome Extension, check this article out here.

If you need more information on How To Use The Searchie Extension, you can view the article here.

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