Searchie Spotlight: Jim Fortin

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Jim Fortin is an international subconscious self-transformational expert in high performance with over two decades of expertise. Using a brain-centric approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom, Jim has created programs that allow individuals to walk away with long-term, core-level lifestyle transformations.

When Jim first heard about Searchie, he realized the potential immediately. His team jumped at the opportunity to make their lives, and the lives of their students, easier.

We had the chance to chat with Jim about Searchie in hopes that we could share their positive experience with the rest of the Searchie community.

When asked of his favourite part of Searchie, Jim responded:

“Flexibility – we love how it can be seamlessly integrated into all our platforms. Next, we love the core functionality [internal search] of it, which helped us numerous times to locate that special section of content we know was mentioned somewhere in the past. Instead of wasting time and re-listening to everything or using other transcription services to locate what was said in the transcript, we now rely on Searchie to do it for us! It’s very convenient.”

Another user making great use of the internal search function that comes native to all Searchie accounts- fantastic! The internal search can be used to build FAQ lists, provide As to your audience’s Qs, to find content for blog posts, or anything else.

Our favourite “creative” use of the internal search was mentioned by Blue Melnick in a meeting where he said that during live coaching calls, he keeps a tab of Searchie open in another monitor and types student questions into the search bar as they are being asked. Brilliant!

We then asked Jim how his audience responded to using Searchie, he said:

“They love it! It really took our membership portal to a whole new level. Now our students have super easy access to everything that was ever said during the training sessions. This enriches their experience with our program because they are able to go back and listen to sections of content that resonated with them or content that they perhaps missed the first time for whatever reason.”

Besides Searchie’s promoted features and functions, Jim and his team realized it was a great way to find material to make GIFs out of that he could then repurpose throughout his promotional, help, and learning content. The added level of context that these GIFs provide proved to be hugely beneficial to the audience, even though they were extremely simple to find and create thanks to the help of Searchie.

Here is a quick GIF of the widget inside of Jim’s course

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