The Searchie + YouTube Automation That Everybody Needs!

EST. TIME: 5 minutes
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The Goal

In this playbook, you will learn how to set up a Searchie + YouTube automation that will save you TONS of time! This quick zap will automatically upload your content to your YouTube Channel anytime you upload a new file to Searchie.

The Benefits

Once you upload and process a new file on Searchie, the next step is to get that content in front of your audience. This requires you to post it across different platforms- giving it exposure. Thanks to Zapier, time-consuming and costly repetitive tasks like this one can be completely automated.

YouTube is the second most popular social network, with about 2 BILLION monthly active users worldwide. 79% of internet users claim a YouTube account (source). The only social network that boasts more monthly active users than YouTube is Facebook. YouTube’s accessibility makes it easy for millions of content creators to get started and easier to share their content with a large audience. With this automation, every time you upload a new file to a specific folder in Searchie, it will automatically upload that content to your YouTube channel. This will save you and your team tons of time, therefore reducing your expenses!

STEP 1: Get Our Free Zap Template, Connect Your Accounts, and Configure the Settings

First, you will need to import our premade Zap Template to your Zapier account. We have a Zap Template that automatically uploads your new Searchie uploads to your YouTube channel. The Zap Template is available below:

Automatically Upload New Searchie Files To Your YouTube Channel

It will ask you to login to your Zapier account; if you don’t already have one, it is free to sign up and use.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to connect your Searchie and YouTube accounts to Zapier. Log in to those individually when prompted.

Now that your accounts are properly connected, we recommend clicking ‘Go To Advanced Mode’ at the bottom left corner to make sure your settings are properly configured.

Select your desired Searchie folder that you want to pull media from and click ‘Continue’, it will then ask you to test the trigger before moving onto the next step.

Next, you will need to make sure your YouTube settings are set appropriately. We already have them preset but you can edit them to fit your needs.

Under the ‘Customize Upload Video’ section, it will first ask you to select the Title and Description which are set to replicate the Title and Description you create in Searchie. The Description also includes your Searchie Watch URL so viewers can choose to view your content on the Searchie player and take advantage of the transcription and keyword search functions. The Video file is already set to Searchie’s Download URL.

There are some optional settings that you can manually select, such as the Privacy Status of your upload, Tags, and Subscriber Notifications (Preset to ‘True’).

Zapier will ask you to test this zap before turning it on. You can skip the test but it’s recommended to test it to make sure everything runs smoothly. When you upload a new file to Searchie, Zapier has a short processing window of about 15-20min before it uploads your file to YouTube (file size will also be factored in).

*** If it gives you any errors and tells you the required fields need to be filled but are already filled, just clear the fields and reinsert those preselected options. (The most important one is to make sure you insert ‘Download URL’ in the Video field)***

STEP 2: Turn On Your Zap…& Do No More!

Now that your Zap is set up correctly, you’re ready to start doing nothing! Zapier will take this process off the minds of you and your team members as long as the Zap is turned on. Now, every time you upload and process a new file to your Searchie account, it will automatically upload that content to your YouTube channel.

Keeping your audience updated on multiple channels and platforms doesn’t need to be time consuming or costly. Set this automation up one time and let Zapier do the rest from here on out!

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