Extend the Life of Your Podcast

Simplify production and get more visibility by pairing your audio or video podcast with Searchie.

Boost Consumption

Get More Eyes and Ears on Your Podcast Episodes

Whether you create video or audio podcasts, there’s a lot more you can do with each episode to make the most of your hard work.

Connect your podcast to Searchie and every episode is automatically transcribed and captioned. Use the transcriptions to create content for your blog, website or social media, and increase consumption of your podcast.

Promote & Share

Host, Embed or Share Your Podcast Anywhere

Use the media player to share or embed your audio or video podcast on your website, blog, or social media. Copy and paste a simple embed code or use the URL to share a single episode or a playlist for your podcast.

Meet Searchie

Meet the World’s First Search Engine for Your Podcast

Connect Searchie to your podcast, and make it easy for your team and audience to search through episodes by keyword – or create a searchable library for your show.

It’s the easiest way to extend the life of your podcast. Instead of watching and listening to an episode just once, your audience can go back, and search and find specific content from past episodes in seconds.

An Easier Way to Manage Your Podcast

The Perfect Partner to Any Podcast

Searchie easily integrates with any podcast platform. Add your podcast to your Searchie library by copy and pasting the iTunes or SoundCloud link to your show.

Auto-generated Transcripts & Captions

Edit Transcripts
& Captions

Search Episodes
by Keywords

Audio & Text

Media Player


Your Podcast

Detailed Analytics

Track Podcast Consumption


Improve Podcast Production Without Adding to Your To-do List

Pairing your podcast with Searchie eliminates tedious processes and improves your podcast workflow, saving you time and resources.

  • Automatic transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable transcriptions and captions
  • Downloadable audio files
Analytics & Insights

Track and Analyze Your Podcast and Audience Activity

Get detailed analytics and metrics for your podcast, including visits, plays, audience retention, rating scales, search keywords and more. Get to know your audience, their behaviors and learn how they consume your podcast.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s What Searchie Users Are Saying

  • Cody Burch CodyBurch.com

    Being able to automatically connect my podcast is a game changer. I can download the transcript and post to my blog with a few clicks. It’s a “set it and forget it” kinda solution that helps me grow my business, save time and save money.

  • Dr Shannon Irvine

    We use searchie for both our podcast and in our videos. It’s a powerful tool for our clients to be able to find what they need when they need it! It has allowed us to create a curated experience for our clients.

  • Jody Maberry Maberica, Inc

    With more than 1,500 podcast episodes, it became impossible to find old content. Until Searchie. Now, I can search every past episode and use them as a database to answer questions and direct people to specific episodes.

  • Zandra Zuraw Little Yellow Couch

    I love that all of my 200+ episodes are now searchable, without me having to do any tagging! It’s a game changer because podcast hosting platforms don’t offer this kind of listener-friendly tool! Searchie also automatically transcribes the episodes (great for SEO), And, I was able to set it up so that Searchie automatically uploads each episode as it airs (one less thing for me to do).

  • Sylvia Schneider Pondside Digital Media Inc.

    When I learned about Searchie I realized it was finally my answer to a functional way to store and serve up a searchable archive of our more than 200 audio equine podcast episodes! This is just the beginning! Searchie has SO MANY use cases!