Save Time With Automated Transcriptions & Captions

Highly accurate transcriptions and captions for all your audio and video content.

Searchie Makes It Easy

Automatic Transcriptions For All Your Audio Or Video Content

Eliminate the stress and technical anxieties of using multiple tools and resources to make your content more accessible with transcriptions and captions.

Integrate Searchie with one of our many partners, like Facebook, Zoom Pro, Vimeo or upload content directly, and then like magic, Searchie automatically and instantly generates a transcription and captions for all of your audio and video content with 92%+ accuracy.

More Accessible in Less Time

Instantly Download Transcriptions And Captions

Download your audio and video transcriptions instantly in multiple formats.

You’ll never have to provide an audio or video transcription to your audience again. Allow transcription downloads directly from our embeddable media player.

Create Transcripts and Captions Like a Pro

Edit Your Transcriptions And Captions 
Or Get A Professional To Review

Searchie uses the latest artificial intelligence and speech recognition software to develop transcriptions and captions for your digital media content.

But, what if you want a perfect transcript?

Use the Searchie Power Editor to manually edit and revise your transcriptions and captions, or get up to 99.9% percent accuracy with our white-glove service powered by*

Customize Your Transcriptions Your Way

Transcriptions And Captions Built For You
 And Your Business

Unlike other transcription services, you can customize Searchie to meet your specific needs.

Default Language

Searchie supports more than 30 languages and dialects. Set your default language and let our speech recognition software go to work.

Custom Vocabulary

Use slang or industry-specific words? You can tell Searchie more information about how to process speech by creating custom vocabulary. Searchie uses machine learning to get more familiar with your voice and the words you use.

Remove Stop Words

Umm. Do you want all the “ums” and “ahs” removed from your transcriptions and captions? Searchie can do that, too.

Don’t just take our word for it

People Are Loving Automatic Transcriptions

  • Earl Williams

    Searchie is super easy to configure, and provides a lot of flexibility without being too complicated. Its transcriptions are amazingly accurate on the first try, compared to other transcription services I’ve used. And I really appreciate that the Searchie team keeps making it easier and easier and more capable to use, not just for end users, but for us as content creators!

  • Brandi Mowles

    Oh my word Searchie has been a LIFE SAVER! We used to run all of our content through transcription services now Searchie transcribes everything for us!! Also we provide so many Q&A calls with our students and zoom automatically sends them to Searchie and our students and very quickly find the answers they need. Because Of Searchie we are able to provide a top notch experience to our students!

  • Mike Indoniva MasterYourMix

    I love how Searchie saves me time. I no longer need to worry about copying embed codes, downloading videos and reuploading them to a transcription service, and it makes it really easy to find the exact moments in y videos where I mention certain things. My members love it too!

  • William Beem Suburbia Labs, LLC

    Searchie allows me to create a better service to my customers than any other provider offers. It also saves me lot of money compared to hiring people to transcribe and repurpose my content.

  • Melanie Matthews Calming the Tech Down

    Transcription of Videos and searchable content are the features that will allow my members/students to have a experience that is focused, easy to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm. They will want to come back for more. These features also enable me to repurpose content on other platforms that support my business. Time saving little gems, who doesn’t need this.

  • Isidro Fernández Calderón Creature Garage

    It was great to be able to move over 500 videos and 37 courses in a couple of minutes. Our subscribers love the video format and the ability to search.

  • Jeffery W. Ingram Ingram Digital Media, Inc

    Searchie has helped our online courses grow. It has lowered the barriers so we can start offering closed caption on all of our content as well as make all of the content in Facebook and the membership area searchable from one spot.

  • Becca Thomas The Fertility Nurse

    I love that it can help my clients find exactly what they’re looking for so easily! I also like that it makes my content accessible to more people who may have a disability.

  • Sadday Zivec The Unperfect Coach

    When I first knew about Searchie I thought it was great that I could forget about dealing with a video hosting + transcription service. But that is just a tiny part of the power of Searchie! And it gets better and better every day!

  • Deanna Fenton

    Searchie has been a great benefit for my members! They love being able to search through our twice weekly Q&A calls and review training and answers to their questions. They tell me that they don’t even take notes, they just note the keyword(s) and/or the timestamp so they can jump right to the topic and overview. I use Searchie as one of the key benefits on my sales pages.

  • Lori Lorenz Pixie Dust

    We love Searchie because the spoken-word search is a game-changer for our students hunting for answers as they learn new material. The power of searching through a playlist of material delivers instant gratification. It also helps our support team point people towards materials that are the fastest path to understanding.

  • Sylvia Schneider Pondside Digital Media Inc.

    When I learned about Searchie I realized it was finally my answer to a functional way to store and serve up a searchable archive of our more than 200 audio equine podcast episodes! This is just the beginning! Searchie has SO MANY use cases!