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Rewrite the rules of what a video hosting platform can do. Save time and get better results with your video content.

Simple Integrations to Meet Your Needs

Video Hosting & Management Made Easy

Upload video files directly or integrate with one of Searchie’s many partners, and create a centralized library of all your video content.

Keep track of all your video and extend the life of your content.

Some of Searchie’s Integrations

When you publish content on these platforms, it can be automatically pulled into your Searchie library.

Video Tools and Solutions for Everyone

Package & Share Your Online Video Anywhere

Create a unique experience using our video solutions. Host, embed or share your searchable video content with our easy-to-use tools.


Share a single video.


Perfect for a video series.


Ideal for coaching programs, courses, memberships, and internal teams.


A search engine for all your video content.

A Complete Solution to Meet Your Needs

Level Up Your Online Video With Searchie

Reimagine the way you create and deliver video content with Searchie.

Auto-generated transcriptions and captions

Download transcriptions, captions and audio files from the media player

A search engine for your audio or video

Create a collection of audio or video files with playlists and Searchie Hubs

Detailed analytics and insights to better understand your audience

Automations to Save You Time

Auto-Generated And Downloadable Transcriptions & Captions

Searchie automatically transcribes and captions your video content instantly with 92%+ accuracy. Download transcripts, captions and audio files directly from our media player.

Want to edit to your transcriptions or captions?

Use the Power Editor to manually edit and revise your transcriptions and captions, or get up to 99.9% percent accuracy with our white-glove service powered by*

Searchie Instantly Saves You Time and Automatically Drives Content Consumption

Thousands of business owners, engineers, developers, podcasters, marketers, sales professionals, web designers, customer support teams, graphic designers, coaches, and executives use Searchie every single day!

Meet Searchie

The World’s First Search Engine For Your Video Content

Searchie is the simplest way to reduce content overwhelm for your team and customers, and make your video more accessible and easier to consume. Using our proprietary technology, your video is instantly made searchable by keyword in minutes.

Search inside your video by keyword, and pintpoint exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

Instantly add value and dramatically improve the video experience with the power of search.


Make Your Videos Private or Public

Allow anyone to access your video content, lock it down to a domain, or restrict access to your team or a specific audience. Perfect for digital courses, online memberships and selling your video content online.

Your Centralized Video Library

Organize Your Video The Easy Way

Integrate Searchie with one of our many partners, and automatically add video to your library. Easily add tags to your video files to combine similar videos in a playlist, create courses or memberships, or a video hub for your audience.

Don’t just take our word for it

What Searchie Users Think

  • Sadday Zivec The Unperfect Coach

    When I first knew about Searchie I thought it was great that I could forget about dealing with a video hosting + transcription service. But that is just a tiny part of the power of Searchie! And it gets better and better every day!

  • Sandi Amorim The Created Life Academy

    I’ve used Searchie to replace my video hosting as well as transcription service. With the new Searchie Hubs, I’m even more excited to launch my new membership!

  • Susan McVea Susan McVea Consulting Inc.

    I’ve added searchie as a bonus to all my paid programs to help clients not get overwhelmed with content and instead find the specific answers they need.

  • XayLi Barclay XayLi Barclay of the Start Shoot Grow Video Academy

    I use video content as the main type of content in my business and because I create a lot, using Searchie makes it a breeze for my team to repurpose content for social media! I also use it as a bonus for my membership and mastermind members! We host my youtube videos, course content, livestreams, podcast