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Every successful online course, membership, or coaching program begins with video. Searchie is the fastest way to manage, package and share your video content so that your team and customers get better results.

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Creating content is a lot of work. It’s time you made the most of it.

Searchie is the ultimate audio and video tool for content creators.

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Upload, manage and store your online video in Searchie, and then share your video content anywhere.

  • Capture and record video
  • Share or embed digital media
  • Search your video content
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Create A Content Experience In Minutes

Drag-and-drop audio or video content from your Searchie library and create a seamless content experience without an expensive developer. Use Searchie Hubs to easily package and deliver your free or paid content online.

  • Digital Courses
  • Membership Sites
  • Video Coaching
  • Video Consulting
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Sales & Marketing

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The World’s First Search Engine for Your Video Content

Whether you’re sharing your knowledge and expertise, teaching, meeting, coaching or consulting, you can dramatically improve the experience for your team, clients and customers with the power to search inside your video content.

Solving a BIG problem for anyone creating and leveraging video in their business.

Searchie eliminates overwhelm, and instead, instantly adds value to your content, helping your team, clients and customers access and consume your content easier and faster.


A Lot Of Content Creates A Lot Of Problems. Not Anymore.

Do you create a lot of video content? Searchie streamlines how you manage and organize video, making your content more accessible and easier to consume with a couple of clicks.

  • Connect Searchie to different platforms like Facebook and Zoom Pro, and easily add video to your library.
  • Automatically populate playlists and hubs instantly after a live video call or meeting.
  • Automatic transcriptions, captions and downloadable audio files for every video upload.
  • Let your team and customers find exactly what they’re looking for by searching inside video by keyword.

Built with information business owners and entrepreneurs in mind, Searchie lets you focus on the things that matter most.

Improve efficiency

Save Time and Resources

Optimize your video and drive your business forward.

Auto-generated Transcripts

Auto-generated Captions

Audio & Text Downloads

Add Attachments (PDF, TXT)

Share or Embed Audio and Video

Private and Secure

Search Inside Video by Keyword

Customization and Branding

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics & Insights That Matter

Get detailed analytics into your audience and their audio and video consumption habits and behaviors all in one spot. Use this data to inform the content you create.

  • Visits
  • Audience retention
  • Keyword search queries and more!
  • Video plays
  • Rating scales
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Content Creators are Lovin’ Searchie

  • Jillana Raye Female Entrepreneur’s Haven

    I’m just building up to a membership so starting with Searchie from the ground up has been extremely helpful. The trainings for how to get started with Searchie are so well done and the Support has been stellar. I would likely not have made as much progress as I have without the Searchie platform, it’s ease of use, and the encouraging nudges from the Searchie Team. I’m so grateful.

  • Mariangelica Forero

    My membership content lived in a Facebook group with many units and posts with videos and other resources. It was fine at the start but as my content library grew, it was so messy and many of my members were not consuming the content simply because they couldn’t find it!! How terrible is that? Enter Searchie. My members can easily find ANYTHING they want and need and they don’t feel lost anymore!

  • Nyla Maharaj

    The simplicity of setting up plus the support from the Searchie Team is beyond compare…the experience and the Searchie Team has really trumped in creating a program that helps us to seamlessly deliver the best experience ever to our members.

  • Jennifer Moss Living Joyful and Well

    I love how easy it is to have videos and audios uploaded into Searchie. It takes a minute to set up and then it’s automatic- love that! I also love how easy it is to set up a Membership in HUBS. I have been busy working on that for the past few weeks and it’s amazing!

  • Brandi Mowles

    Oh my word Searchie has been a LIFE SAVER! We used to run all of our content through transcription services now Searchie transcribes everything for us!! Also we provide so many Q&A calls with our students and zoom automatically sends them to Searchie and our students and very quickly find the answers they need. Because Of Searchie we are able to provide a top notch experience to our students!

  • Akilah A. Thompkinds-Robinson TRIBE Connector

    I just had my first call with members since introducing Searchie and the feedback was great. Those who tried it love it, those who haven’t are now excited to try.
    I just had my first call with members since introducing Searchie and the feedback was great.

  • Laura Sullivan Credit Dusters

    When I was going through TRIBE I submitted a question to Stu about collecting payments from members. I had no idea he had answered my question! (because who can get through ALL the recordings, right?) Well today I looked up “credit rerpair” and there was my question, answeerd. I am loving this featurre already!

  • Clare Le Roy The Little Design Corner

    “This is amazing. Thanks for providing this for us – this is a game changer”….the feedback from one of my students after getting Searchie up and running for them inside Kajabi this morning. This tool is going to make such a difference for my students – thanks guys!

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