Turn Your Knowledge & Expertise Into A Successful Online Business

Create a tailored content experience with Searchie Hubs. Help your clients and customers get better results and make more progress with what you teach.

The Ultimate Content Experience

Power Your Knowledge & Information Business

Create the ultimate digital content experience for your information business with Searchie Hubs. Ideal for building and selling:

  • Digital Course
  • Membership Site
  • Online Coaching Program
  • Consulting Program
  • Virtual Workshop
  • Event Replays


Not A Techie? No Problem.

No Coding, No Developers, Just Easy to Create & Build

One of the biggest pain points of delivering an online program is the “technical aspect” of setting it up. Searchie Hubs is a fast and easy way to package audio and video, and deliver your online program so that your audience consumes more and you work less.

Use our drag-and-drop hub builder to add media, playlists and pages to Searchie Hubs, and create a beautiful content hub.

Meet Searchie

The World’s First Search Engine for Online Knowledge Business

Significantly improve the online learning experience with the ability to search inside your audio and video content.

Search across an entire Hub by keyword, or inside individual playlists or videos.

Searchie eliminates overwhelm, and instead, instantly adds value to course, membership or online coaching programs, helping your clients and customers make more progress easier and faster.

Better Serve Your Audience

Tailored Experience, Better Results

We’re hyperfocused on content delivery, allowing you to create a tailored learning experience for each customer. With Searchie Hubs, you have total control of your content and what people can see inside of your course or membership area.

Searchie Hubs is designed to help your customers learn better, faster and make more progress with what you teach. And if people make more progress, you’re going to have a much more profitable information business. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Analytics & Insights

Metrics That Matter

Get detailed analytics and metrics for your online business, including visits, video plays, audience retention, rating scales, search keywords and more. Get insights into your audience behaviors and learn how they consume your content

Use this information to create more of what your audience really wants, and less of what they don’t.

Want more data?

Add a Google Tag Manager Container ID, Google Analytics Tracking Code or Facebook Pixel to your Searchie Hub in seconds.

Simple To Use Customizations

Show Off Your Brand & Style With Searchie Hubs

Easily design the appearance of your Hub in a couple of clicks.

Build It Your Way

Customize with your logo, brand colors and fonts.

Custom Domain

Create a custom domain and URL for your Hub.

Responsive Design

A seamless experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Create Beautiful Thumbnails For Your Media

Connect your account to Canva and get instant access to thousands of thumbnail templates for your audio and video files without ever leaving your Searchie account.

Protect Your Hub

Private & Secure

Set your Searchie Hub to private, and protect and secure your free or paid program. Restrict and modify who can access a certain Hub, or restrict content to select Audiences. Ideal for online courses, membership sites, internal communications, and paid coaching or consulting programs.


Make Your Life Easy With Integrations Galore

Integrate with other platforms to automate workflows, and save time and resources for your online business. Connect Searchie to third-party platforms like Facebook or Zoom Pro, and automatically add video content to your Hub.

  • Coaching Calls
  • Zoom Recordings
  • Team Meetings
  • Facebook Lives

And by the way, Searchie integrates with thousands of other platforms through Zapier.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

People Are Lovin’ Searchie Hubs

  • Genia Stephen Good Things In Life

    My new Searchie Membership Hub allowed me to revamp my platform to offer much more ease and personalization for my members. Perhaps more importantly, it saves me many hours every month in maintaining my membership site. My members are happier and I am happier.

  • Jacqueline Steudler JST Art and Therapy Inc – Healing For Grieving Hearts

    I love the ease of how I can create playlists for my 1:1 clients, adding their recordings in no time so that they have everything to search through in one convenient location. Setting up the HUB for my membership was easy

  • Phil Johncock Phil Johncock Network

    I love the new Searchie Hubs feature. I started using Searchie Hubs immediately for a client’s online audio courses and several of my own masterclasses online. I am excited to use Searchie Hubs as part of the instructional design for future online courses.

  • Rebekkah Finnigan Energy in Motion

    I LOVE Searchie because it helps my members stay out of overwhelm by having all their content and membership information all in one place. They love having their own platform and a go-to place that they know has everything they need.

  • Juan R. Arroyo Yap Juan on One Coaching, LLC

    I Joined Searchie for the ability to do Hubs because I want to have courses and videos supporting my funnel building coaching. I love that videos are searchable and one can easily find what they are looking for. It’s YouTube on steroids because my clients don’t have to watch a 2-hour webinar to find what they are looking for.

  • Brianna Shade BIG tiny World Travel

    I love how simple and easy it is to use. I can easily throw together a professional-looking site for my course that just *works*. I especially love the audience tags, and I can’t wait to customize the experience as I bring in new members.

  • Lisa Marie Holley Inspired By Lisa Marie

    Searchie was able to help me gain the momentum I needed in my membership journey. As a creative minded entrepreneur I hit a technology wall in building my membership. I wanted a way that was simple and classy to display art lessons/content to my members. In about a month I was finally able to visualize and build a custom hub through Searchie that gave me confidence to see what was possible.

  • Nora De Bievre Nisei Legacy Tours

    The main attraction of Searchie for me is the combo of being video-based, searchable and customizable through tags to present members with a user-friendly way to manage their content.

  • Angela James Angela James LLC

    I love that I can house all of my content for my membership in a Hub and make it easy for my members to find, access and browse. I also love that I’ll be able to specify the levels of access to give them focus and prevent overwhelm. Last, I don’t think anyone should ever underestimate the importance of using captions in their videos and making their work accessible!